Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina!

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina!

We are excited to introduce a distinguished addition to our community, Dr. Patricia Cruz, LCSW. Dr. Cruz is not just any therapist; she’s a beacon of support and guidance, especially for those in demanding professions and pivotal life stages.

Website: The River Wellness

Who Can Benefit from Dr. Cruz’s Expertise?
• Therapists and Counselors: Dr. Cruz offers a unique perspective, enriching your professional journey with her insights.
• Professional Athletes: Athletes facing high-pressure environments will find a relatable and understanding ally in Dr. Cruz.
• First Responders: Whether you’re a firefighter, police officer, or in other law enforcement, Dr. Cruz is equipped to navigate the unique challenges you face.
• Military Veterans: Transitioning to civilian life or dealing with past experiences? Dr. Cruz understands and is here to help.


  1. Trauma: Providing expert care and strategies to manage and heal from traumatic experiences.
  2. Grief: Offering compassionate support through the stages of grief, helping you find a path forward.
  3. Life Transitions: Navigating changes can be challenging; Dr. Cruz provides guidance and support through these periods.
  4. Family of Origin Exploration: Delving into family dynamics to understand and improve current relationships and personal growth.
  5. Online Therapy: Convenience and comfort in your own space, Dr. Cruz brings her expertise directly to you, no matter where you are.

Dr. Patricia Cruz understands the weight of your role and the unique pressures you face. Her approach is tailored to offer support, understanding, and effective strategies to manage the challenges that come with high-stress professions and life-changing experiences.

Whether you’re facing personal challenges, professional hurdles, or just need a supportive ear, Dr. Cruz is here to help you navigate through these times with empathy and expertise.

Connect with Dr. Cruz and start your journey towards wellness today. Visit The River Wellness to learn more and schedule your online therapy session.

Welcome, Dr. Cruz, to the vibrant community of Charlotte – where healing and growth go hand in hand.


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Dr. Patricia R. Cruz, owner and esteemed practitioner, holding degrees of DSW, MSW, BSW, and the professional designation of LCSW, leads The River Wellness LLC & The River Wellness PLLC. She is licensed to provide her expert services to clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. Discover more about her comprehensive practice and services at www.theriverwellness.com.

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